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Intense bud site production, very tight internodal spacing. Great density. Great terpenoid production. Matured 2-5 days earlier than usual. Electricity bill went from $1250 per month to $575 per month. This technology works.

Blaze, CO

So far I’m very pleased. I’ve show some of my friends and they were like WTF, what is this light so I explain. Its the sizes of some of their 1000 watt grows or better. The new generation of grow light home boy hahaha. Sadly there are always haters in this world but little did they know because of them, that why we are so successful!! I don’t think you guys have to do any more explaining why this light is the bomb, it shows proven time after time. I think the growers that can’t seem to grow with this light most of the time its the grower not the equipment. I’ve have seen 1000 watt growers grow crap and surely you have. Well you and your peps over there keep up the good work.

facebook fan

At first I was nervous because my plants reacted a bit differently than I was used to seeing in early flower so I called them up and asked about returning them. They told me that if I still wanted to return them once I finished my cycle I could but just let it finish and that I have a 90 days no bs return policy. Man am I glad that I listened! Love these things now and it would’ve been nuts of me to send them back, they are kickass lights!

Buzzy, BC

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The new LED grow lights family – SK602 is here!

Lately, we have been working on a new LED grow lights family, the SK602s. You probably saw some photos and videos on our social media or heard rumors from fellow growers….

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End Of Year Sale!

Hey, guys, heads up! It’s that time again, time for us to launch our year-end sale! Spectrum King LED giving you great prices ’till the end of this year! Make sure…

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