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Intense bud site production, very tight internodal spacing. Great density. Great terpenoid production. Matured 2-5 days earlier than usual. Electricity bill went from $1250 per month to $575 per month. This technology works.

Blaze, CO

I have never seen…this kind of development with such thick healthy stalks from my varieties ever…!

Jeramiah Johnson, One Damn Satisfied Customer

They slaughtered my HPS side by side the LED had way more frost color and size. My boss is hesitant to get the 60 that we need so I am trying to convice him with results on my personal. I have the two I bought and would like to replace the other 4 and do a full room run with all LED. We will be ready in a month or so for the big rooms so I want to show him before we start building out and spending tones of money on AC ect.

Joe, California

Spectrum King LED Blog

The new LED grow lights family – SK602 is here!

Lately, we have been working on a new LED grow lights family, the SK602s. You probably saw some photos and videos on our social media or heard rumors from fellow growers….

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End Of Year Sale!

Hey, guys, heads up! It’s that time again, time for us to launch our year-end sale! Spectrum King LED giving you great prices ’till the end of this year! Make sure…

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