The new LED grow lights family – SK602 is here!

Lately, we have been working on a new LED grow lights family, the SK602s. You probably saw some photos and videos on our social media or heard rumors from fellow growers.
So what better time to launch new LED grow lights than the holidays season: The new full spectrum LED grow lights are the SK602 and the SK602GH.
The SK602 grow lights family is the evolutionary outcome of our well-known SK600. The SK602GH is the perfect light for greenhouses, painted a highly reflective white.
Both the SK602 and the SK602GH (Greenhouse): 
– Made in the USA

– 610W, with 92% efficiency

– Have the new 7″ low profile and IP65 rated water resistance housing 

– Remote power system compatible (480VAC)

– Can replace 1000 W double ended HPS

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