Spectrum King LED lights are the only grow lights in the market that are upgradable, what does this mean? led technology is still evolving and there are technology advances every year or two years- just like your smartphone.

Growers can reduce their energy consumption further or gain more light for the same energy consumption so rather than buy a whole new product, as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and since we are a company of growers for growers, we are offering an upgrade program for our customers who have our existing products.

What type of technology upgrades you can expect  ?

  • Higher light efficacy per watt
  • Broader spectral outputs
  • Better circuit boards to reduce thermals

If you have one of our LED grow lights and would like to upgrade when a new advancement becomes available for your product’s model, you can send your product in to upgrade the LED and circuit boards by a Spectrum King LED factory certified technician here in our facility, for a fraction of the original purchase price. If you can not send your products in, a certified technician can do an on site upgrade.

To start your upgrade process please fill in and send us the form below:

Upgrade Product RMA Online Form

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